Friday, 14 November 2008

Bike Town Africa

Rita called in the morning and said there were some bike people in her office.

Immediately she catches all my attention. It is not difficult. You just have to mention the B word. They were distributing bikes to several persons in Chókwè.

Sadly I was in Maputo and could not meet the persons. She later told me that they were from a project called Bike Town Africa.

A crew of volunteers were preparing to assemble 250 bikes that later were to be distributed in order to to increase the mobility of workers that give nutritional and medical support to AIDS sufferers in Africa.

You can learn more about Bike Town Africa. Read the stories about the trip to Mozambique here and here.

Photos from Just This In Blog - Bicycling


ruiruim said...

olá, curioso ter encontrado este blog precisament quando ando a pensar fazer qq coisa atraves da Bike Town africa. Vou agora comprar uma bicicleta marca Kona e soube que a Kona tem esse projecto e pensei: e porque não atraves do meu blog arranjar malta para contribuir e todos juntos oferecermos uma bike para esse projecto? A minha duvida prendia-se precisamente com o facto de não saber se podia ou não confiar e se o projecto era ou uma mais valia.
Agradecia, caso saibam, se acham que é uma boa ideia. ou email:


ruiruim said...

if you need i can write in english! :)

Anonymous said...

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