Thursday, 2 October 2008

Our Bikes

You have asked for them. Here you have our bikes.

Rita has a Sawan and I have a Hamilton. Both are bicycles Made in India.

Mozambican stores sell these bikes and here in Chókwè you have hundreds of people with these models pedaling on the streets.

Youngsters prefer the BMX and the racing styles. Older persons and people that work in the agriculture fields prefer the classical model.

It's the Mozambican Cycle Style.


Rui S. said...

Uma bicicleta clássica no verdadeiro sentido do nome. Faz tempo que não via algo assim, lembro-me que esses pedais se usavam muito quando era miúdo. Hoje Agradava-me imenso poder experimentar, pois naquele tempo achavas enormes e para pessoas muito grandes (assim as via).


this too will pass said...

great stuff