Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The wonderful bicycles of Maputo

I am back after some time without posting here. Sorry to all the readers.

So I come back with some photos of people cycling in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. The city is noise, chaotic and the drivers are not like in Europe. Here you can see all kind of behaviors and overtaking from right or left. Mozambican drivers tend to be very impatient and don't like slow driving. So everything is allowed to get a bit further.

But Maputo has very quiet roads all across the city, usually parallel to the big avenues, that a cyclist can take to avoid the main roads packed with traffic.

You see not so many cyclists as in other small cities, but there are some courageous people. And not all are local people. You can see, from time to time, "molongos" (white people as they say in dialect). Unfortunately I still don't have a photo of that.

So... enjoy these photos of Maputo cyclists.


Rui Salvaterra said...

Grato por te dares a descobrir com teu blog. Embora o meu inglês seja débil certamente acharei maneira de me actualizar com os teus posts.


RH said...

Olá Rui,
Obrigado pelo teu comentário e visita. Espero poder contar com a tua presença.