Monday, 29 September 2008

Swaziland Cycling Culture

This weekend we went to The KingdomSwaziland and South Africa, two very beautiful countries close to Mozambique. In Swaziland I did not saw so many cyclists. I believe it is because the country is full of big mountains. Yet some people use it and here is a small exhibition of Swaziland Bike Culture. Did you know that this is one of the smallest countries in Africa?

I will post soon the pictures of South Africa.

A fabulous classical blue bicycle.

Full equipped mountain bikes to cycle in Milwane Natural Reserve. Cycle and see the zebras, impalas, crocodiles, gnus and hippos.

Taking the bicycle by the hand across the typical huts.

A parked cargo bicycle in Manzini.

Cycling by the sugar cane plantations.

Down the road.

Sometimes it is better to take the bicycle by the hand and enjoy the surroundings.


Lynn said...

Thank you for taking us to Swaziland! The photo of the huts is really wonderful - such great colors, too. I can't wait to see South Africa next!

RH said...

Thank you Lynn. Keep coming.

James2 said...

check out the Swaziland Cycling Association. Maybe you would be interested in our fund-raising. Pleas check it out.