Friday, 29 August 2008

Rastafari Festival in Xai-Xai

I have taken these photos some time ago, but just now remembered to post it. I was in Xai-Xai and the city was welcoming a Rastafari Festival. There was a good vibe with lots of reggae music, dance and vegetarian food. These two guys have traveled from Maputo to Xai-Xai (more or less 230km) with their gingas. Ginga is the name Mozambicans give to their bicycles. I believe the name is also used in Portugal. Can you confirm?


Gonças said...

It sure is!
It would be nice to gather several names that bicycles are knowned in the PALOP countries, e.g.:

Portugal: Ginga, bicla, bina
Moçambique: Ginga
Brasil: Magrela

RH said...

Olá Gonçalo,

Obrigado pelo comentário.